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Considered Diatec International Inc. Trading Company of companies A leader in the field of motor oils and derivatives trading and all attachment to oils Factories, sea and air and modern machinery, it is the exclusive agent for the company German giant Zeller & Gmellin competent in the development and manufacture of engine oils High-quality and specifications under the name DIVINOL in the Middle East and Africa. The company Zeller & Gmellin founded in 1866. It is an international company specialized in providing High-quality lubricants and industrial oils, chemical products, and take A leading position in the global market for being outstanding in the field of research and development. as such The company Diatec International Trading Company specializes in the manufacture of additives with High quality and European specifications for all motor vehicles. It began Diatec company International Trading Company active in Germany since 1994, and earned The necessary expertise in this area, which helped its spread was Lebanon first Point spread points in 2015, after the company has earned the confidence of Zeller Land Gmelin And it aims to expand in all of Africa and the Middle East markets. As the consumer Is one of our top priorities company operates in the educational field in order to Market Definition About the foundations of knowledge and selection of appropriate oils through the delivery of information Correct For the consumer to ensure has placed in. In the area of ​​development and the development of the company is supporting this Field through training And rehabilitation of all existing staff has, Staff Training Specialized technical and so Through its training courses are being developed with the help of main company.